Boxcar Brew works in DuBois to feature home brews on tap
November 1, 2017

DuBois, Clearfield County, Pa. - The finishing touches are being added at Boxcar Brew Works in DuBois, after months of hard work for head brewer John Frampton. 

"[There's] Just this feeling of someone did take a lot of care for this space and build it up for people to enjoy," says Frampton..

It's the newest addition at the Depot  At Doolittle's. Four railcars brought in to create the craft beer bar. Once you walk in, you're transported back in history. 

"[The tap room] Is a 1920's era baggage car," explains the Brewmaster. 

Inside, the original details kept intact. It was a collaboration between Doolittle's owner, Dr. Jeff Rice, and Frampton. Everything refurbished, from the bowling alley bar to the rail track footrests. 

"I just wanted to keep it original and rustic. So we didn't do a lot of work in here we basically striped it out, sandblasted it."

Frampton was a home brewer, which began his love for beer. Now, he wants to showcase the basement beverages.
"This allows you to get out there and  get people that you never met and will never meet to sample your beer and see how they like it" 

20 rotating taps will highlight Frampton's best creations, and allowing the ameture to create commercial crafts. He will bring in local home brewers to try their hand at creating their own recipie.  

"It's exciting fort my homebrewer friends to come in and see that on tap and say hey see that that was my idea and  we got to brew it on the big system," explains brewing assistant Dustin Newpher. 

The food will also change month to month, bringing in dishes inspired by the kitchen staff. 

As Dolitte's head chef Tara Tyger explains, "A lot of the foods that we like to eat like snacks in the kitchen we tend to not have meals. After a shift you grab a quick bite and that tends to be the cooks meals."

With just a few hours left from opening their doors, Frampton getting some jitters.He starts to question himself,  "Will anyone show up? Will too many people show up? Will we have enough product to support anyone?"

The grandopening will take place on Saturday. For a full list of hours check out The Depot at Doolittle's website

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